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Why I do what I do – a┬áreflection from Morri
Up until twenty years ago, on Western Springs Road, I could hear moreporks late at night. I haven’t heard them since. Some of the others in our group hear them over Malvern Rd way, on the other side of Fowlds Park, but me, I really miss it. It’s a sound you’ll not hear anywhere else on the planet. It’s very special to fall asleep hearing that sound. If you’ve sat around a camp fire late at night, you’ll know what I mean. It’s a friendly sound, very connecting.
These gentle friends, that have been here long, long before any of us, have been beaten back by all the bully-boys and brats that we ourselves brought here. And since we’re the mob that did that, and since we’re the only hope these gentle friends have, I rather think it’s time I got off my so important schedule, and gave them a hand.
And yes it may be only one corner of Auckland, but it’s our corner, and I’m not prepared to sit back and hope any more.

If you’d like to spend time with a fun bunch of locals, drop us a line. We have meetings and get things done. If you come along, there’s no compulsion to keep coming, or to commit to anything. There’s a raft of things that you could do. I for one like going for walks, so dropping things in letterboxes is a no-brainer!

ps – you can hear a Morepork or read more about them on the NZ Birds Online website