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Predator Free Morningside/Western Springs

Aim – to bring back the native birds in abundance to our neighbourhood and local parks

We started this group in 2018 with only a small handful of people doing backyard trapping around their homes. In the first year managed to eradicate over 50 rats from our neighbourhood.  As of mid 2019 that number is risen to over 200 and the number of homes involved is now well over 50.  We use trapping methods that are easy to manage, humane and approved by NZSPCA and DOC.

We are focussing our trapping on rats as these do significant damage to our native birds by stealing eggs and eating young. There are also possums in our area and these pests do a lot of damage to our trees as well as the birdlife. We have caught many mice, rats and a good handful of possums.  Auckland council is aware of the stoats in this area too, but so far, these have alluded us.

The detail: 
Our goal is to have every 5th household in our neighbourhood using humane trapping in their backyards to get rid of rats, possums and stoats.  We are wanting as many families to join in as possible – we can make a real difference to support our local native birds.

We use generous funding from Kiwibank to purchase traps at a heavily discounted rate.  Depending on what sort of trap you choose, you can spend anything from 2-3 minutes a month to 5 minutes a week maintaining or rebating your trap.  We keep a running tally of the predators that are killed and send out a monthly email to all members.  When you get a strike in your trap, you can contact Blair [on onelesspredator@gmail.com] and he will log the strike for you on trap.nz.

Would you like to get involved? We would love to hear from you – our area runs from the edge of Eden Park right through Morningside and encompassing Western Springs, right over to the Mt Albert.  We also have a few trappers in Sandringham who have joined us and are doing a fantastic job.  Please get in touch!

Contact – Yvonne
022 600 9354
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